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On-Premises Analysis Allows Identification of Hidden or Emerging Problems Long Before a Catastrophic Situation Occurs

The MicroLab Series is a fully automated oil analyzer that provides diagnostic analysis of engine, generator, gearbox, hydraulics, power steering, and transmission fluids. The MicroLab is used in virtually every industry that operates equipment powered by engines including: automotive, trucking, energy, mining, heavy equipment, government (military, municipal).

  • With fluids analysis as an integral component of a comprehensive condition-based Preventative Maintenance Service, you will have a significant competitive advantage
  • Reduces operating cost by virtually eliminating costly road breakdowns or unscheduled repairs
  • Including oil analysis in a comprehensive preventative maintenance program provides real-time equipment condition monitoring and component wear trending
  • Each analyzer is “networked” via the internet and is accessible via a password-protected site (  The fleet operator can monitor their equipment from anywhere in the world, and even receive an email “Alert” if an abnormal test result occurs
  • An excellent tool to help reduce operating and maintenance costs, while extending the useful life of the equipment.  This can be achieved by enabling real-time fluids analysis, thereby minimizing vehicle downtime, road breakdowns, unscheduled repairs and safely extending oil change intervals
  • Oil drains are expensive for large commercial vehicles. By examining the oil condition with the on-site analysis, the technician can determine if the oil drain interval can be extended safely. Reducing the number of oil drains required per vehicle by even just one time per year which can provide significant savings across a fleet of vehicles. This also helps achieve green initiatives by reducing oil consumption and oil disposal.